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35T Open Top Hoppers  [40 CBM]


These hoppers are all in excellent and safe working condition and can be operated for many years in the future.

This is because a new port has been built right next to the power station, so these open top hoppers with automatic doors aren't required any more.

Open Top Hoppers

open top hoppers 40 CBM
Description40 CBM Open Top Hopper
Quantity81 cars
Gauge1067 mm  Cape Gauge
Age15 years
Delivered toYour local sea port

Size & Weight

Length10800 mm
Width2900 mm
Height4000 mm
Tare Wgt19000 kgs
Max Net Wgt35000 kgs
Max Gross Wgt54000 kgs
Load Volume40.7 CBM

Detailed Specifications

Door TypeAutomatic [Pneumatic]
Bed Type45 degree slopes
Rapid discharge
BrakesPneumatic [Westinghouse KRSD]
Wheel Size860 OD x 135 mm wide
Max Speed85 kmh
Center of Gravity [Full 35 MT]1750 mm
Auto Coupling Height885 mm
CouplingAAR-E; AAR #10A
Buffer200 MT; Rubber

Track Specifications

Gauge1067 mm
Rail Min. Radius100 m

Download the Specs

Download detailed specifications: 35T Open Top Hopper Specifications [2.7 Mb]


open top hopper 40CBM side view

Large Loading Bay 40.7 CBM & 35 MT Capacity

open top hopper loading bay

Pneumatic Auto Doors

auto door connector

Reliable, Well Maintained, Pneumatic Braking System

braking system

Strong Robust bogies

open top hopper 40CBM bogie

81 Cars Available in Excellent Condition

81 cars

open top hopper bogies

open top hopper open gate close

open top hopper open gates

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